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John Morris, co-producer of the Antique American Indian Art and Objects of Art shows, is joined by Tom Clancy fro Malcom Grimmer Antique American Indian Art of Santa Fe to talk about the fascinating objects at these two big Santa Fe shows.

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Don Kennell talks about making monumental sculptures like his "Yard Dog," "Blue Gorilla" and "Shelter," which are beloved in Santa Fe as well as in places around the country.

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 Andy plays some tracks from his CD "Mercenary" and talks about life as a musician and a mentor to Santa Fe school kids and more.

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David discusses his forthcoming book "Ruler of the Night," the third book in his Victorian thriller series featuring real-life detective and British author Thomas De Quincey  and more.

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Anne talks about continuing her father Tony Hillerman's bestselling mystery series, her WordHarvest group, writing and more.

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Abigail Adler, filling in for Lynn Cline interviews Patricia Hodapp, author of The Complete Santa Fe Bucket List, 100 Things to Do in Santa Fe Before You Die. It's fun and sometimes funny and full of ideas about what to do and where to go in Santa Fe, even if you have lived here most of your life.
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Stephanie Hatfield talks about writing songs, upcoming concerts and plays tracks from her newest release, Traces.

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Cyndi Conn of Creative Santa Fe talks about this weekend's Fanta Se Fest, the new Arts & Creativity Center, how to keep our arts & culture thriving and more, on Cline's Corner.

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Zane  talks about the "tiny houses" movement in the U.S. and the structures his Santa Fe company builds for people around the country.

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