Cline's Corner (general)

Renowned sculptor Kevin Box talks about making his monumental sculptures that marry origami with the ancient tradition of bronze casting and are exhibited in botanical gardens around the country, as well as in the Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

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Santa Fe storyteller and author Joe Hayes talks about his summer storytelling series at the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, and the explores the art of storytelling.

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Jackie Gibbs talks about her work with at-risk youth at YouthWorks, and her own experience as a teenager who found help at YouthWorks.

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Elodie Holmes, owner and head artist of Liquid Light Glass, talks about  the ancient art of  glass blowing and her passion for teaching it to others at her studio in the Baca Street Arts District, which she established in 2000.

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Merry Scully talks about the museum's Poetic Justice exhibit and its community celebration of the exhibit with the artists— Judith F. Baca, Mildred Howard and Juane Quick-to-See Smith— poetry readings and more.
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Reunity Resources Program Director Juliana Peterson Ciano talks about the many ways this nonprofit farm connects with the community on its zero-waste mission to reunite our waste streams with value for greater Santa Fe.

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Elizabeth Hightower Allen talks about editing the new anthology, "First
& Wildest: The Gila Wilderness at 100," with contributions by Tom Udall,
U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, author Pam Houston.
environment reporter Laura Paskus and many others.

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Julie Hasty, director of education at the Santa Fe Watershed Association, talks about ways that we in Santa Fe can reduce our negative footprint on the planet.

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Cline's Corner April 22 with Jackie Camborde, who talks about launching her family's Camko Productions, created to bring live Broadway and cabaret performances to Santa Fe.

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Host Lynn Cline speaks with Pam Roy, executive director of Farm to Table. They discuss the economic, educational, and political work that the organization supports with the goal of expanding access to fresh, local foods in our community.

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David Morrell talks about the 50th anniversary of his novel, "First Blood," which introduced the world to Rambo, the rapidly shifting landscape of making movies, and why he loves public radio.

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Julia Kelso talks about exciting plans to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Eldorado's Vista Grande Library as well as upcoming programs for all ages.

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Michael Scott, a longtime resident of Lamy, talks about his landscape paintings featured in "Preternatural," a series of exhibits of his work around the country and at Evoke Contemporary gallery in Santa Fe.

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Author and adventurer Craig Childs talks about his new book, Tracing Time: Seasons of Rock Art on the Colorado Plateau, and how ancient rock images can speak so powerfully to us, today.

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Joe Cooke talks about his process for writing fiction and nonfiction, coming up with creative plots, and battling writer's block by jumping on his Harley Road King.

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Lauren Tresp talks about "Southwest Contemporary," an online and print publication, offering inspired, curated, and critical perspectives on arts and culture in the Southwest.

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Robyn Rikoon, Artistic Director of the Santa Fe Playhouse, previews the theater's exciting centennial season.

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Curator of Photography Kate Ware talks about the work of Ansel Adams in a new exhibit she's curated at the New Mexico Museum of Art.

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Author, magazine editor, and outdoor enthusiast Daniel Gibson talks about his new book, Images of America: Skiing in New Mexico, which features a fascinating photographic history of the sport.

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Sarah Solovitch, executive director of Searchlight New Mexico, talks about the independent nonprofit newsroom, from the stories it covers to the innovative ways it operates.

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Executive Director Billy Garrett talks about the joys of history and the gems of the New Mexico History Museum.

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Caryl Farkas, a founder and director of The Upstart Crows, talks about the youth troupe's production of Richard II.

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Jenny Kimball, chairman of the board of La Fonda on the Plaza, talks about the venerable hotel's history and celebrating its centennial in 2022.

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Dr. Linda Raney talks about the Santa Fe Women's Ensemble winter concert, "Melding as One: Our Roots, Our Voices and Our Visions"

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Author Susan J. Tweit talks about her most recent book, Bless the Birds: Living with Love in a Time of Dying, and about how we can find gratitude in perilous times.

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Award-winning author and conservationist William de Buys talks about Valles Caldera, which he's written about in the newly revised book, "Valles Caldera: A New Vision for New Mexico's National Preserve" and about his experiences in Nepal, the subject of his 10th book, "The Trail to Kanjiroba: Rediscovering Earth in an Age of Loss."

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Santa Fe Poet Darryl Lorenzo Wellington talks about and reads from his debut full-length poetry collection, "Psalms at the Present Time." He also discusses writing poetry, the role of a poet laureate and other topics.

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Guest Robert Nott, playwright, actor, author and veteran journalist with The Santa Fe New Mexican, delves deep into local ghost lore and legends and reveals some of his own chilling experiences hunting ghosts.

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Guest Stephen Fried, author of "Appetite for America: Fred Harvey and the Business of Civilizing the Wild West – One Meal at a Time," talks about the 12th annual Fred Harvey History Weekend and the Fred Harvey Foodie Dinner, Nov. 12-15 at the New Mexico History Museum and La Fonda on the Plaza.

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Cooking with Kid's Executive Director Anna Farrier talks about the launch of the "BIG Little Project" photography exhibit and celebrating 25 years of empowering kids and their families to eat healthy foods through hands-on learning in public schools.

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New York Times bestselling author David Morrell discusses his novel-in-progress about the American West, the fast-changing publishing industry and movie business, and why he's a big fan of public radio.

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Artistic Director Argos MacCullum talks about 26 Miles the first play presented by Teatro Paraguas since the pandemic began. The play, by Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright Quiara Alegra Hudes, chronicles a road trip by a teenage daughter and her estranged mother to see the buffalo in Yellowstone and to discover one another.

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Award-winning, bestselling author James McGrath Morris talks about writing his latest book, "Tony Hillerman: A Life," which explores the life and work of one of America's most popular, pioneering mystery writers.

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Becky Latinach, Chief of Interpretation and Education at Pecos National Historical Park, talks about the many exciting things to do this fall at the park, including hiking, fishing, tours and a thrilling astronomy event.

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Award-winning photographer and author Don Usner talks about documenting the pandemic and the chaos surrounding it for Searchlight New Mexico's "Hitting Home" series. Some of these powerful photographs are exhibited at El Zaguan in "Our Lives Now: A Photographic Journal of Life During the Pandemic," on view through Sept. 24.

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Louis Grachos talks about returning to Santa Fe to re-take the helm of SITE Santa Fe, having served as the organization's first executive director from 1996 to 2003. He explores art and its role in a pandemic as well as in his life, and looks ahead at SITE'S future.

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Jana Gottshalk talks about curating the exhibit "Go West Said a Small Voice: Gustave Baumann and Dreams of New Mexico, on view at the New Museum of Art through Feb. 13, 2022.

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Julia Goldberg, The Santa Fe Reporter's senior correspondent and author of The Morning Word newsletter, talks about covering COVID-19 for the weekly newspaper, and news across the state, country and world for the Reporter's weekday newsletter, The Morning Word.

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Artist Lex Lucius talks about his new series of paintings that explore the majesty and mystery of horses, on view at Peyton Wright Gallery through August 31.

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Mary Mathis and Cody Nelson talk about, their new podcast about the creation of the U.S. National Parks as told by Indigenous storytellers.

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Santa Fe author Mark Cross talks about his new book, "A Tale of Santa Fe: Betty Stewart in the City Different," which weaves together the evolution of the city's architectural identity with the fascinating history of a woman  who designed  iconic houses that still stand today.

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Santa Fe Watershed Association's Executive Director Andy Otto talks about the nonprofit's mission to protect and restore the health and vibrancy of the Santa Fe River, as well as the group's public programs, including hikes, workshops, talks and more.

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Cline's Corner with EntreFlamenco's Estefania Ramirez

EntreFlamenco's co-director and artist Estefania Ramirez talks about the group's summer season, the history of flamenco, the 10th anniversary of EntreFlamenco in Santa Fe, and more.

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Guest Peter Lipscomb, Park Manager of Cerrillos Hills State Park, talks about the fascinating history, wildlife diversity, flora, fauna, annual events and much more, awaiting visitors at New Mexico's 34th state park.

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Eric Martinez, founder of Los Foodies, talks about the online magazine that celebrates and promotes New Mexico's culinary and beverage industry.

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Santa Fe Opera General Director Robert Meya talks about the Santa Fe Opera's 64th season, which runs July 10 through August 27, featuring 30 performances of four operas, including the company's 17th world premiere.

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Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster talk about this year's CURRENTS New Media, a hybrid festival that takes place online and in-person featuring artists from around the world.

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Daniel Goodman, Museum Director of El Rancho de las Golondrinas talks about the 2021 season at the Southwest's premier living history museum, which begins June 2.

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Thomas Kamholz talks about changing the way people eat with his Plantita Vegan Bakery.

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Santa Fe painter Kathleen Frank talks about her acclaimed landscape paintings, filled with color, pattern and joy, and her process of photographing places in nature and selecting the images that speak to her. 

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Interpretive Ranger Rebecca Ward talks about spring at Los Luceros, from the apple orchard blossoms to the wildlife, the renovated Victorian cottage that just opened, and spending the pandemic in one of New Mexico's most beautiful historic sites.

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Acclaimed author Kirstin Valdez Quade talks about her anticipated debut novel, "Five Wounds."

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Miriam Sagan, author of more than 30 books and founder and former director of the Santa Fe Community College's Creative Writing Program, talks about her workshop, "Contemporary Haiku and Short Forms: How to Write Flash Poems and Reduce Stress."

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Curator and artist Zachary Miller talks about curating "Shonto Begay: Eyes of the World" exhibited at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian. The new show features more than 40 paintings by the acclaimed Neo-Impressionist Navajo painter

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Master poet Arthur Sze talks about his new book, "The Glass Constellation: New and Collected Poems," which spans five decades; reads a few poems; and explores the craft of poetry writing, including during a pandemic.

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Santa Fe author Dennis McCarthy talks about his new book, "The Gospel According to Billy the Kid: A Novel," which offers a spellbinding blend of fact and fiction narrated by the iconic Wild West outlaw himself.

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Dr. Linda Raney, Musical Director of the Santa Fe Women's Ensemble talks about the third virtual concert by the Santa Fe Women's Ensemble, "Still Singing III," as well as the rich history of the group, founded in the early 1980s.

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Bestselling author Julia Cameron, talks about the power of "The Listening Path: The Creative Art of Attention," her new book, which continues the journey of "The Artist's Way."

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Joel Aalberts, executive director of The Lensic Performing Arts Center talks about The Lensic's creative programming, which kept the beloved performing arts center vibrant during the pandemic, as well as the challenges he and his staff faced.

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Raashan Ahmad, co-founder of Blackseed Earth Arts Alliance New Mexico discusses the many projects of Blackseed Earth Arts Alliance New Mexico, focused on centering and amplifying Black voices in northern New Mexico.

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Tailinh Agoyo talks about Gathering Seeds 2.1, a year-long series of free monthly virtual workshops offered by We Are the Seeds, an organization founded by a group of Indigenous women committed to amplifying Indigenous voices through the arts.

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Santa Fe Community College President Becky Rowley discusses a ground-breaking partnership of five New Mexico public colleges that will transform the student experience and streamline operations in a multitude of ways.

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Maria Sanchez-Tucker talks about the exciting Big Read program, supported by a National Endowment for the Arts' grant. The program runs from February through April, offering a diverse array of programs for and by the community, all centered around Luis Alberto Urrea's novel "Into the Beautiful North."

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Paul Weideman, longtime writer with the Santa Fe New Mexican and Pasatiempo, talks about his new book, the award-winning "Architecture Santa Fe: A Guidebook."

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Acclaimed photographer Natalie Christensen talks about her contemporary work, filled with intriguing symbols and spaces that explore what lies beneath the surface, and shaped by her 25-year career as a psychotherapist.

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Sarah Noss, Executive Director of Santa Fe Conservation Trust, talks about the nonprofit's work protecting the land, trails and dark skies in northern New Mexico, since 1993.

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Acclaimed composer, conductor and pianist Joe Illick talks about the free virtual concerts—Christmas Eve at the Lensic with Joe Illick and Friends and New Year's Eve at the Lensic with Joe Illick and Friends—featuring musical performances from Santa Fe as well as around the world.

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Best-selling author David Morrell talks about the state of publishing and the film industry during the pandemic. He also explores a few holiday gift ideas.

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Renowned painter Bette Ridgeway talks about her breathtakingly beautiful large-scale paintings, that are exhibited around the world, as well as her innovative painting process and other topics.

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James Beard award-winning chef and author Deborah Madison talks about her new book, "Onion in My Pocket: A Life with Vegetables," a memoir that explores what matters when it comes to food.

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Photographer Ann Murdy talks about experiencing Mexico's Day of the Dead in three rural communities, taking photographs of family altars, cemetery celebrations and much more, chronicled in her book "On the Path of Marigolds: Living Traditions of Mexico's Day of the Dead."

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Jeff Corwin, who lives in Santa Fe and Bozeman, Montana, talks about transitioning from a successful commercial photography career to fine art photography, as well as his work around the globe and many other topics.

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Santa Fe photographer Joan Brooks Baker talks about her award-winning memoir, "The Magnolia Code."

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Santa Fe author Carmella Padilla discusses her forthcoming book about 20th-century New Mexico furniture and other topics.

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Los Luceros Historic Site Manager and Archaeologist Ethan Orlando Ortega talks about the annual Fall Harvest Festival at Los Luceros as well as other goings-on at this treasured site.

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Heidi Loewen talks about her life as an artist, her porcelain works and the pottery classes she teaches at Heidi Loewen Fine Art Gallery.

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Award-winning author, food historian and founder of the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show Dave DeWitt talks about his new book, "Chile Peppers: A Global History" and his world travels in search of the hottest foods.

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Chef John Vollertsen talks about what's cooking at Las Cosas Cooking School, including his virtual fall classes, and what he's been cooking during the pandemic.

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Zozobra Event Committee Chair Ray Sandoval talks about the 96th Burning of Will Shuster's Zozobra, and how organizers pivoted to a no-crowd event this year that will reach viewers online and on KOAT Channel 7, allowing thousands to burn their gloom from this past year in a brand new way.

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Colin Keegan, founder/owner of the award-winning Santa Fe Spirits, talks about pivoting his distillery from producing spirits to making and distributing hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant during the pandemic, and other topics.

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Dorothy Massey, owner of Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse talks about the independent Santa Fe bookstore she's owned since 1996, the history of Santa Fe's oldest indie bookstore, getting through the pandemic and the upcoming Keeping the Pages Turning event.

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Kate McCahill, Professor of English and Creative Writing at Santa Fe Community College, talks about putting together the college's 15th Annual Santa Fe Literary Review during the pandemic. The new issue showcases work by writers and visual artists from the Santa Fe community as well as from around the globe.

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Co-Executive Director of Wise Fool New Mexico Oriana Lee talks about the classes, summer camp and other events that Wise Fool has been able to offer during quarantine. She also explores the mission and history of this longtime beloved nonprofit devoted to circus arts for young people and adults.

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Internationally celebrated writer, art critic, curator, activist and cultural historian Lucy Lippard talks about her latest book, “Pueblo Chico: Land and Lives in Galisteo Since 1814,” which chronicles the fascinating history of the little town she’s called home for 27 years.

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Renowned baritone Anthony Michaels-Moore, who has performed around the world, talks about hosting the episode celebrating "The Magic Flute" for the digital series, "Songs from the Santa Fe Opera." He also discusses what music can do for us during this challenging time and explores his passion for teaching music.

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Award-winning poet and essayist Miriam Sagan talks about a new installation of Fairy Houses from Maternal Mitochondria. Inspired by Japanese spirit houses, the Fairy Houses—each made of recycled metal with a poem relating to its magical story—are open to the public to discover.

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Geographer, environmental anthropologist and author Gina Rae La Cerva talks about her acclaimed new book "Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food," her global travels in search of wild food, and seasonal foods to forage in Santa Fe.

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SITE Santa Fe Ring Director of Education and Curator of Public Practice Joanne LeFrak talks about the innovative public programs SITE has placed online during the pandemic, and about future ways the contemporary art space will engage creatively with the public.

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Inez Russell Gomez, editorial page editor for The Santa Fe New Mexican talks about writing editorials for Santa Fe's daily newspaper, as well as working with letters to the editor writers, My View contributors, working at the oldest daily paper in the West and more.

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Natalie Bovis, aka The Liquid Muse, talks about pivoting to place Taco Wars, a popular event at the annual New Mexico Cocktails & Culture Culinary Festival, online this year due to the pandemic. She also looks at possible ways Santa Fe's dining scene will adapt this summer.

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Poet, screenwriter, author and teacher Jimmy Santiago Baca talks about his new essay collection, "Laughing in the Light."

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Robert Egger, a founding board member of Chef Jose Andrés ' World Central Kitchen, talks about the new ground-breaking partnership between Santa Fe Community College and World Central Kitchen to provide healthy meals to students, families and area communities impacted by COVID-19.

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Renée Fox, chef and co-owner of Arable in Eldorado talks about making the quick transition to serving takeout and curbside pickup only during the pandemic, how restaurants are coping and how dining out may look in the future as we emerge from this time.

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Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and roots rock icon Jono Manson talks about flying home to Santa Fe from Italy just before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, self-isolating for two weeks then adapting the launch of his new album to online, where he's been playing music daily to a rapt audience.

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Kitchen Angels Executive Director Tony McCarty talks about how the non-profit that provides home-cooked meals to Northern New Mexicans who are homebound and facing life-challenging illnesses has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Veteran journalist Arnold Vigil talks about his new book, "Santa Fe Different: 22 Years and All I Got Was a Cheeseburger," a collection of his acclaimed ¡Órale!columns that ran in the Albuquerque Journal's Journal North from 2004 to 2008.

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Becky Rowley talks about closing down the Santa Fe Community College in the coronavirus crisis, moving to online classes, how students are coping and other topics.

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